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Murat Kani Tibet

My Resume

Education, Work, and Achievements

Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) 

EUR ING* I Mechanical Engineer MSc.* (European designations not valid for Canada)

Supply Chain VP

2 Years

•   Operated a scope of 85 million CAD buying volume with 4+million pieces from 50+suppliers. 
•   Manage outsourcing, logistics/planning & warehousing, product management, after-sales & quality departments with reported 4 Managers & 27 team members.
•   Manage budgets, manage partnerships for critical product groups, purchase orders, perform logistic operations. Inventory management. Manage service training before product launching.  
•   Support channel strategies by defining product specifications with sales teams.
•   Develop and implement plans to establish a new distribution warehouse which resulted in being operational ahead of schedule.
•   Achieved re-organization of the supply chain directory and created a shorter launching time of the new products. Launched yearly 55/60 new products instead of 48/50.

Outsourcing Group Director

5 Years

•   Operated a scope of 650 million CAD buying volume with 3+million pieces from 40+suppliers.
•   Manage outsourcing, product management, and product quality processes of all white goods, heating and ventilation (HVAC), small domestic (SDA), and built-in (BI) appliances sourced from external factories with reported 8 Managers & 20 team members located in Turkey & China.
•   Achieved first in-house product development and investment project for a new small home appliance series of 9 products. Released two patents by developing this project.
•   Proven success by increasing sourcing volume from 150 million to 650 million CAD in 5year period demand on new target market achievements of the company. The major part was HVAC buying volume from China, which grew from 14K/year to 300K/year mentoring business development on the needs of international sales teams.

Product Management

8 Years

•  Play a major elevating role between factories and sales to implement product management systematic by coordinating the production platforms and all technical & aesthetic features of dishwashers, washing machines and cooking appliances by the needs of various markets/brands of the company.
•  Streamline the decision-making process of Strategic Planning. Build marketing strategies and define the go-to-market process with sales. Define investment project to manage product material cost so the product positioning features. Long Term Planning of the product groups.
•  Co-managed the first Dryer Project of Turkey by transferring the existing platform from Germany.

R&D Manager

8 Years

•  Founded R&D Laboratory with the cooperation of Universities & Accreditation Institutes to develop the first dishwasher of Turkey.
•  Co-managed Whirlpool/Arcelik international transforming project, achieved developing a new dishwasher platform, which is being exported globally from the UK to Australia.
•  Manage evaluation laboratory and system development teams of dishwashers. Released his patent during developing the first dishwasher of Turkey. 
•   Managed R&D projects of Wet-products for two years.

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